Sample Sticky Note Organizer - ADVANCED

The Advanced Sticky Note Organizer is the 8.5" x 11" binder organizer. It provides plenty of space for notes, not just for tasks, but for information of all kinds.

  1. Purchase a binder. Any three-ring binder will do. You can get a simple half-inch binder or an advanced, multi-pocket binder (like the one I got, shown below). The thinner your binder, though, the less sections you'll be able to accommodate.
  2. This is a fancy "Tech" binder that even has an integrated accordion file.

  3. Purchase a set of dividers with blank tabs. You will write "ASAP," "Soon," and "Later" on three of them and put them in your binder as the first three pages.
  4. As you can see, you have plenty of space for all kinds of sticky notes!
  5. Here's the Soon and Later pages.
  6. (Not much to do "Later." But I really want to do it!)
  7. After the three primary pages, I inserted a three-ring pocket divider. This has two pockets for holding important documents I'll need for any of the tasks on my to-do pages.
  8. Next, insert a set of dividers with daily tabs. You should get a blank set of tabs and write the days on them. You will use these when you are planning out your week and need to keep appointments. Put a sticky note on the upcoming day. On the morning of that day (or the night before), you'll review what's coming up and you can move the sticky note to the ASAP page as something that will need to be done that day.
  9. The eighth tab- after the seven day tabs- is labeled "Done" and is for storing your completed notes. If you want to archive your achievements, this is a temporary holding place until you get home and can transfer the completed notes to something more permanent. As you can see, I got a lot of stuff done.
  10. The "Backburner" tab after the "Done" page is for storing things I want to eventually do but have, for whatever reason, been temporarily put on hold. This page could hold a list of books I want to read or web sites I want to visit. (I've removed this from my latest SNO incarnation as it seems redundant to the Later page. We'll see how I get along without it.)

  11. Next, insert a set of dividers with monthly tabs.
  12. On the monthly dividers, you will write on the divider page itself any permanent dates, such as birthdays and anniversaries. These are events that happen every year, so it's reasonable to make them a permanent part of the page. Below, you can see I've written my friend's birthday on the January page.

    The monthly dividers will also hold sticky notes for appointments that are in the future. For example, in January I sent off a rebate that said it would take 6-8 weeks to arrive. So, I put a sticky note in April saying I should have received my rebate by then. If not, I put a phone number or web site where I can go to inquire about it.

  13. Now insert a set of dividers labeled A to Z.
  14. Purchase some business card inserts. Store any business cards you receive in the business card holder, or transfer that information to a sticky note and put it on the appropriate page. You can organize information in any way you like! For example, the picture below is in the "R" section for "Real Estate Contacts." There's a business card there for a real estate attorney, an accountant, and an insurance guy. You might prefer to store them some other way. Have at it! It's your organizer!

  15. Next, we have the project pages. These are dividers that will keep documents related to current projects. For the example below, there is a "SNO" tab (for the Sticky Note Organizer project), and an "REI" tab (for real estate investments).
  16. Behind each project's divider, I put important documents related to that project.

    There are more sets of tabs for more projects.

  17. After the project pages, I've inserted a floppy-disk holder for storing my sticky notes. You can use all one color and one size, but I find using multiple colors and multiple sizes helps to differentiate all kinds of tasks.
  18. Lastly, I've inserted a notebook. I can remove it easily if I ever need to take notes.
  19. As you can see I'm using 3M Post-It notes. However, generic brand sticky notes should work just fine for this organizer.

  20. The binder I bought has a place to store pens and pencils and has an accordion type file folder in the front cover for storing even more documents. It would be very easy to enhance your organizer with a zipper bag for holding postage stamp booklets, paper clips, and other useful small objects. The rest of your organizer is up to you! Please drop by the Support & Discussion forum (link at top) and let me know what you've done to your Sticky Note Organizer.