Sample Sticky Note Organizer - BASIC

The basic Sticky Note Organizer can be as simple as three index cards or a small ringed notebook. Here's how to make them.

Index Cards - Basic Sticky Note Organizer #1

  1. Get 4 index cards and a paper clip. The topmost card will be the cover. You could use multi-colored index cards if that appeals to you (and might better match your shoes).
  2. Stick the notes in the appropriate places.
  3. Bind them together with a paper clip.
  4. You could also use a spiral-bound set of colored index cards!

In this configuration, your Sticky Note Organizer will have minimum space but maximum compactness. It can fit easily in your coat pocket or purse.

Small Notebook - Basic Sticky Note Organizer #2

  1. Get a small notebook (like the red one in the pic below). The pages are bigger than index cards, but still smaller than an 8.5" x 11" piece of paper.
  2. Put your ASAP sticky notes on the first page, Soon notes on the second page, and Later notes on the third page.

In this configuration, you still have a compact organizer, but now you have a bit more space for sticky notes.This would be great for purses or briefcases.