The Sticky Notes Organizer FAQ

This FAQ page is probably short enough for you to read through in one sweep. Or, you can click to each question listed below. If you don't find an answer, please visit our Support & Discussion Forum!

Introducing the Sticky Note Organizer

The Sticky Note Organizer is a new way to manage your paper-based organization system. It utilizes sticky notes, those smallish slips of paper with a sticky backing. Sticky notes were made famous by 3M with their Post-It Note product. The Sticky Notes Organizer is not affiliated with, nor does it require use of, the 3M Post-It Note product. By using sticky notes, you can write once, read anywhere. This leads to efficiency and better visual clues.

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The Creator of the Sticky Note Organizer

The Sticky Note Organizer was developed by me, Christopher Lester. Friends and family know me as "C.K." I have a personal web site where I infrequently discuss matters of relative unimportance. I'm a computer programmer by trade and hobby. The programmer's mindset- or this programmer's mindset, anyway- is to always be making things more efficient. I'm always looking at how to improve usability or functionality, whether it's a new tech gadget, a business method, or a video or board game. At work, this means my code becomes more modular and aerodynamic. In life outside of work, this means that I find ways to improve my use of time and money. Duplication, repetition, redundancy, and inefficiency are my enemies. I have a weapon against those productivity zappers with my super Sticky Note Organizer! Unfortunately, I have no weapons against a lack of discipline and weak willpower. But, one battle at a time.

So I'm looking for a way to organize my life. As of this moment, technology hasn't caught up to my needs. I would like to have a PDA that has wireless connectivity and syncs to my PC automagically when in range. It needs to have 100% accurate hand-writing analysis and a pad I can write on that isn't too small. It has to have a touch screen for easy manipulation of onscreen data. While the Apple iPhone looks awesome, I don't think it has the functionality to appease this geek's organizing wrath. (That's a horrible metaphor, I know.)

At work, I've always kept my to-do list in a notepad on sticky notes. After a year or so, I finally wised up and realized it could work to organize everything in my life. Thus, the Sticky Note Organizer was born.

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How can the SNO help me?

Typical paper-based organizers (TPOs) waste a lot of paper and ink. They also require more time to manage the information than a Sticky Note Organizer. So, if you want to save time (and maybe some money) and organize your information more efficiently, the SNO will help you do that.

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How to Make Your Own Sticky Note Organizer

The Sticky Note Organizer is very easy to make, and you have a ton of options ranging from free to cheap to a little less cheap. The simplest sticky note organizer requires a notebook, a pen, and sticky notes. Advanced versions can include more functional binders and a variety of dividers such as day and month tabbed-inserts, A-to-Z tabbed inserts, and business-card holders.

For a detailed look at putting together a SNO, go to the Build a SNO page.

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If you have questions or comments about Sticky Note Organizer...

If you have a question not answered on this web site, or you have comments or suggestions, please visit us at the Sticky Note Organizer Google Group.

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Making Money with SNO

Sticky Note Organizer is my trademark. I make the system rules and procedures available free of charge (because I'm a nice guy). However, if you'd like to create an officially licensed Sticky Note Organizer product (a notebook, binder, pre-printed sticky notes, insert pages, etc.), I have very generous license terms! If you have an idea you'd like to explore, GET IN TOUCH WITH ME.

Do you work for 3M and would like to create a line of Sticky Note Organizer-compatible/themed sticky notes? GET IN TOUCH WITH ME TODAY!

If you don't work for 3M- maybe you're a printer or an office supply store (that's you Office Depot, Staples, Office Max, Plano Office Supply,, etc.) and would like to create SNO-themed products, GET IN TOUCH WITH ME TODAY!

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